Web Design

In co-operation with Analysera, we have developed a new, modern , responsive website for Dr P Håkanssons stiftelse. As usual, the Drupal CMS system is behind the surface. Dr Per Håkanssons stiftelse has since 1920 awarded scholarships and grants for scientific research in the disciplines of medicinal chemistry, physiology and food chemistry.

We further developed Sandén Security Printing's website (as well as the sister page Sandén International) in terms of design and moved it from a more uncertain competing CMS-system to Drupal. A modern, light and responsive design as desired by the company. Sandéns Security Printing is the largest secure printing house in Scandinavia enabled to produce high winning lottery tickets and concepts along with a complete range of high-end Telecom Scratch Card Solutions.

In a close and long term cooperation with Vibrosense Dynamics, we have re-made their website and transferred all the information that was on the old one. Great emphasis has been put on a bright, modern design that match their visual identity. The homepage follows modern standards and is responsive. The content management system behind the surface is naturally Drupal. VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ) develops and sells medical devices for diagnosis of nerve damage in hands and feet to diabetes clinics, occupational health care, hospitals, and scientists.

In co-operation with Analysera, we have developed the Drupal-based site Eslöv Lyser (Eslov Lights). Eslöv Lyser is a project that wants to offer a unique total experience where visitors can take part in innovative and creative installations with light in focus.

In collaboration with S:t John's Church in Linköping, we have developed their new website. A few years ago we developed their previous website. This time the emphasis was on simplicity and connection to Facebook. With Drupal as CMS system it is not hard to satisfy every kind of request. The church presents itself as follows: "We are a Christian church which consists of ordinary residents of Linköping which have in common that we have been fascinated by Jesus, and who believe that He can give hope, meaning and happiness to all people."

In co-operation with Analysera, we have developed a website for Modern Tvätt. As usual we have been using Drupal as CMS system. Modern Tvätt is a well-established laundry with extensive experience in leasing and management of textiles in Skåne with Malmö  as base.

In collaboration with the network Portal413 we have updated their website and created a corresponding intranet/extranet. The CMS system Drupal is behind both. Portal413 is a creative network of companies - including Inmedit - sitting together in the beautiful Civic Hall in Eslöv. We work both within our own companies as well as with projects where our skills complement each other. We offer services in marketing, communications, web design, intranets, advertising, image and graphic design, but also in journalism, leadership, education, company culture and more...

We have, in collaboration with Analysera, developed a website for Salix Publishing. As cms system we used as usual Drupal. Salix Publishing has its headquarters in Lund and their books have high image quality as profile. Among previous titles include Skåne - känsla och horisont, Besöksguide Skåne, Slott i Skåne and En sagolik verklighet - boken om Söderåsens nationalpark along with the County Administrative Board of Skåne.

We have developed a website for Krontryck and Eslövsbladet. Drupal has been used as publishing system. Krontryck is the central print shop in middle-Skåne who thinks it is important with personal contact and service.