In collaboration with S:t John's Church in Linköping, we have developed their new website. A few years ago we developed their previous website. This time the emphasis was on simplicity and connection to Facebook. With Drupal as CMS system it is not hard to satisfy every kind of request. The church presents itself as follows: "We are a Christian church which consists of ordinary residents of Linköping which have in common that we have been fascinated by Jesus, and who believe that He can give hope, meaning and happiness to all people."

In collaboration with the network Portal413 we have updated their website and created a corresponding intranet/extranet. The CMS system Drupal is behind both. Portal413 is a creative network of companies - including Inmedit - sitting together in the beautiful Civic Hall in Eslöv. We work both within our own companies as well as with projects where our skills complement each other. We offer services in marketing, communications, web design, intranets, advertising, image and graphic design, but also in journalism, leadership, education, company culture and more...

In co-operation with Analysera, we have created a website for Totum. It is built with Drupal as CMS system. Totum is found within the health sector and works with Body Awareness Therapy. This treatment aims to restore the balance in the body through gentle movements.

In co-operation with Analysera, we have developed a website for Artists and Musicians Health. The site is built with Drupal as CMS. Artists and Musicians Health specializes in artists and musicians health. Its wide expertise is difficult to find generally in health care and occupational health care today. Artists and Musicians Health is located in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

In co-operation with Analysera, we have developed a website for Rowaco, built with Drupal as CMS system. Rowaco supplies everything from single components to turn-key systems within Vacuum technology, Gas analysis and Surface analysis, for development and research within the industry and higher education. Rowaco provides competitive products and services developed in close co-operation with our customers and suppliers.

We have rebuilt and developed the website for the opera singer and vocal coach Bo Rosenkull. With Drupal as CMS system the website becomes very functional and user friendly. Bo is e.g. activr at the University of Gothenburg (HSM), Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut (SMI) and the Royal College of Music (KMH).

Inmedit has for some years now taken over the maintenance and support responsibilities for one of Chalmers' internal websites that serve as support for an international forum dealing with research on construction and energy efficiency. The site was already built with Drupal as CMS system.

Together with Analysera, we have developed their new website. It is built with Drupal CMS system and is designed as a one-page-site, i.e. all pages are presented as one long scrolling webpage. Analysera works with strategic communications, public relations and marketing, business development and leadership development. Analysera has for several years, through the communication network Portal413, been one of Inmedits most important business partners.

Together with Analysera and Sandbring (photo), we have developed a new website for BA Bygg Fastigheter (real estate). With Drupal as CMS system, and with features as Expression of interest and Time management, the site becomes a modern platform for the company to present buildings and objects and to reach out to customers. BA Bygg Fastigheter is a dedicated family business with Jennie and Bert Andersson and their sons Stefan and Björn in the lead.